Counting adults and kids separately for event capacity?

I’m looking at creating events where there is a max number of kids that can attend but adults do not count towards that cap. I still want adults to RSVP so that I have a full roster of who will be in attendance. I only see a way to put a max number of participants that counts combined kids and adults.

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This is not something that is currently possible. I would suggest changing your Post to an Idea. It is an interesting idea and I do see value. Typically the way TT has developed new ideas based on feedback has been to see what kind of support an idea gets in the Community then potentially adding it to their Development lifecycle.

I emailed about this a few days ago as an idea. I didn’t know about this board. When we need to have a cap on the number of scouts and a different cap on the number of adults, it can be a problem. There is nothing to stop an event from having a bad ratio of kids and adults.

We have had an event where we wanted 5 kids and 5 adults to register but then we had to make changes when we had 7 or 8 adults register. We didn’t have enough scouts signed up to run the scout event.