CSV import from YouthManage (Formerly ScoutManage)

So, we have created our trial account to evaluate this platform to replace our YouthManage.com (formerly ScoutManage.com) account. They will be shuttering sometime next calendar year, and we would rather move over the summer than wait until the end of the program year next year when we have a lot of flurried activity for advancement and the like.

That said, I haven’t been able to find a way of importing data customized to YouthManage, or a generic CSV import feature where we can map the data ourselves. As I mentioned YouthManage.com is officially shutting its doors, it’s been posted on their site. One of the other tools that I looked says they support importing from ScoutManage (which is what YM used to be called) but there’s a lot of issues with it. Getting an import tool up and running sooner rather than later could be a good draw for whatever organizations were using that tool.

Failing a pre-built import tool, is there a mappable CSV import interface somewhere that I’m just not seeing? I know we can get Internet Advancement data imported, but I have stuff like parent contact info and the like that I don’t want to have to re-enter.

Hi @JamesBrandon,

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Would you please do me a huge favor? Send me a personal email of the files you were able to get from YouthManage and we will see what we can do. My email is matt@trooptrack.com (for this ticket only. All other imports are through the helpdesk).

We are so excited to have you trying out TroopTrack. Suggestions, ideas, and questions help us to make TroopTrack a better place.

Thank you!

I’m hesitant to send the live files as they contain PII for all of our youth and adult members, I will however take some time tomorrow to create a dummy copy of the file with data sampled from our actual files and change the information for a few lines. Should give you what you need and I won’t have to worry about it. I used the TurboNet import to get data in from Internet Advancement that should give me what I need to test drive the site’s features and if we decide to subscribe I would be delighted to have your assistance getting the rest of the data (dates of birth, contact info, etc) brought in. (And yes, I know, you can see the data in the database anyway, but e-mailing it just doesn’t sit right.)

I just e-mailed you a screen shot of what Youth Manage will let us export. Let me know if that is not enough.

Hi @avcangem,

I got your email.

This might be helpful for if we create an instruction page for how to export, but we actually need the real exported file(s) to see 1) if we can upload it, and 2) what tools we may need to build to support it.

Thank you!

You should have the actual exports now.


Hello! Our unit also uses YouthManage and would require an import - has there been any progress on this?


Same here, trying to pick a new product that can import our youthmanage exports