Scoutnet Import

I am trying to run teh ScoutNet Import - Turbo - or whatever. I put in my Internet Advancement ID and Password, and it says “Syncing” - for a LONG time. Like 45 minutes now. Is it really working? I diconnected and tried it again - again I am waiting a LONG time and seeing nothing happening. Any thoughts? Has anyone else used this successfully? We are evaluating TroopTrack to see if we want to switch to it. We currently use TroopMaster.

Hi @MartinMayerchak,

It sounds like you didn’t find the page in the user guide about this. Import your data instantly with TurboNET.

For some users, the animation assets don’t load the first time. It’s a bug we are aware of and have on this list to fix. The solution is to simply refresh your screen before starting the report and then it will work just fine. It should only take a couple minutes to perform an import or advancement report.

Thank you.

Thanks, Matt – I got it to work.

Hi Matt,
I am still having so much trouble with trooptrack and using the advancements. most of my boys don’t show that they advanced in the system.and then I can’t get it to communicate with the council (still). I can’t find any help. Is there any way I can have a phone conference with you or someone so I can finally try and get the system to communicate with council.
Help please

Jennie McJilton pack 1701