Email from external addresses

Can people who are not registered in Trooptrack send e-mail to a Mailbox?

If not: We’d like to create an e-mail address for our troop for use on flyers, brochures, press releases. We were hoping to set up an e-mail address in trooptrack that was a distro group that could forward messages to the list. Is this possible?


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Thank you for the quick response, and I really appreciate you transitioning this topic to a potential enhancement. Currently many troops create a private email address either through their current ISP or a free tool like Gmail. This requires an extra layer of effort to find a way to associate multiple people with one account. I know there are some free tools that allow you to create a distribution group, but many troops don’t have a technology savvy person and resort to the more cumbersome practice of sharing passwords for public accounts, which can quickly become a security concern. It would be helpful if troops could create a public facing mailbox (even if only one is allowed) with a tailored distribution list for use for promotional and general Community information purposes. Again, thanks for the great support and opportunity to comment!

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Emails from non-members would also allow a “contact us” on out TT external web pages. The beascout site allows new families to navigate to our web page based on zip code, but there’s not a spam-proof way to give them our contact info once they find it.

This would fix that.

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This feature will go a long way in increasing recruitment, marketing, FUNraisers, etc. Not to push the envelope, but the ability to create email addresses and dist list on the fly would be even more awesome. There could be one address for general contact (, one address for recruitment (, you could create an address for specific activities where outsiders are invited (,, etc. rather than giving out the email address of individual persons. The addresses could be activated and deactivated as necessary (like for recurring events such as the barefoot mailman) or just deactivated when no longer needed (such as the Florida caverns event).

This would also allow for consistency as old leaders move on and new leaders are added, the change would be transparent to the members since the address would be the same but the dist. list would change.


I agree - this feature would open up the possibity to have generic contact information published.

Contact Us =
Scoutmaster =
Fundraising …
Committee Chair…

As people move between roles, the evergreen of the email would be maintained.


Is anything being done about this? In our previous service, email addresses were created like is suggested here. I’d love to have someone send mail to and have it reach me. It would also allow us to set up things like YouTube and Facebook accounts associated with the pack instead of with my personal email.


Yes, last I heard was that they were bringing this in as a new capability – should be fairly soon. Will be an extremely helpful feature!


Great! Thanks for the update!

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Please let me know when this feature will be available. I would very much like to be able to use a generic "" email address in our public communications.

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Has this come about yet?..that you can publish an email address to outside people with an email?

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Bump. Same problem. We have a distro set aside for outside requests, only to see that no one outside the troop can email it. Many, many troops would like this feature! What is the status of #1467?

how do I vote for this? Would LOVE To have a and a emails for sure!!

For any finding this thread, this feature is actually available as part of the Beta Inbox. Check it out. I was able to create a inbox, add myself and another user as Members, then send an e-mail from outside to that address and received the message to my registered e-mail address as well as can see the message on the TT website under Inbox.