Mailboxes for external emails

I set up mailboxes for incoming external emails that used to work, and now they aren’t allowing external emails. Is there something I need to change?

For example, doesn’t allow external emails anymore, which was the email printed on our flyers.


Hi @cpdyer,

Please read this post by the owner of TroopTrack.

I’m following along here… I don’t see those advanced email settings yet… is there an ETA?


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Can we join a BETA program for this feature? I could make use of it today. Looking for an alternative on the net and I can’t see anything great. Maybe I’ll just create a throw away gmail account. (But I’d rather just use this feature in whatever state you have it now.)


I activated the beta subdomain emails feature for you. Your mailing lists are now scoped to your domain and end in .email.

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Can we also join the BETA program for this feature?