Sending Emails to a Custom Email Groups outside of TroopTrack

Hello. I’m a new user.

I have setup a custom email list in troop track. However, when I send to this email outside of trooptrack it does not appear to work.

Does this functionality exist?
Can I only originate emails from within TroopTrack which forward to members?

Thank you.


Hi @4510003,

Make sure the email address you send from is in TroopTrack. Email addresses not in TroopTrack cannot send to TroopTrack email lists as a security measure.

If that’s not the problem, please make sure you copy down the custom email address exactly. It may be a little different than what you are used to.

If you are using the new beta emails feature, it may be a bug.

Let me know if either of my suggestions worked.

Thank you.

Thanks Matt… Yes. my email is in Troop Track. Not sure this is a bug. I should be able to use my email client to be and forward a message to this custom email list. This does not not for us…

Can you please email me the name of the specific list giving you trouble so I can take a look?

Thank you.