Email vs Announcements

Which means of communication goes out to the troop? Announcements or Email (or both?)

Hi @LindaMachado,

Emails go to each user’s email on file, and announcements will be shown when logging into TroopTrack. When an announcement is created users will get an email saying that there’s a new announcement in TroopTrack.


David Keener

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Thanks @Keener-Trooptrack,
We hadn’t every used the Announcements so didn’t even realize what they were for. Honestly the vast majority of our users never login to the website, some more now are using the mobile app. Mostly they get their info from the e-mails and texts that are sent out.

Announcements are the basis of the (weekly for us) auto-generated and sent newsletter. Each announcement can be scoped independently of the others. Most of ours are to the whole troop although we have a unit specific one that is only included in the newsletter to families with a child in a certain unit.