Announcements Emailed?

Are announcements emailed out to all members once they are created? We have most of our parents just receiving emails and not logging on to the site regularly. Parents have been missing announcements that don’t time to go out with the newsletter or the newsletter isn’t timely for the announcement. Am I missing a setting or should this go into ideas?


Have you had resolution on this, Meg? I created a lengthy announcement, and not realized I should have sent via email (for similar reasons as you stated). I am looking for a way to view that announcement so I can recreate in email form. Any idea how?

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We are having the same issue - parents don’t log in to read the Announcements.

I am going to have to email them myself. Would be great to have an option to email from TT, without me having to copy-paste.

Can I receive a response from a TroopTrack person on this? Should this be moved to ideas?

I ended up putting a link to the Dashboard in the meeting reminder, so at least they only have to click to get to the announcements.