Embedding a Trooptrack calendar on external website

Is there a way to embed a TroopTrack calendar on an external website. I have racked my brain trying to figure this out. At first i imported the TT calendar into a Google calendar and then attempted to embed that calendar on our Google Sites Pack website. It only works if you are logged into that particular Google account. If you are not logged in to that account, you get a message saying: "Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them. "

Thanks for any help you can offer. - Chris

I came across this post because I have the exact same challenge.
The calendar is not public, and rightly so, but I do not understand how to get the private link and authorize an account so that I can use a wordpress plug in to display it

If you use the ICS URL from the TT Calendar page and have a WordPress plugin that will accept an ICS calendar URL that would be the full calendar and not require any login. Just be aware that anything posted to the TT calendar, namely addresses are then posted to that system.