Import Google Calendar to Trooptrack

Is there any way to have a Google Calendar show in TroopTrack? I see where a Unit’s calendar can be imported to Google Calendar, but we have been using Google Calendar for years and it is so much easier (unless I’m missing something) to add dates, recurring activities, etc. to Google Calendar. Plus, we use more than one Google Calendar to show items not only for our Troop, but also our District/Council. It would be nice to see these in TroopTrack.


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I would love this ability!!! I like TeamUp as a calendar, but it lacks TT’s automated reminder emails.

This would be fantastic to be able to import calendars from other sources…we have to integrate more than 2 school calendars into our troop calendar so that we can plan events and meetings around school holidays and breaks. It is extremely time intensive and would save many people a LOT of time.

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Welcome to the community @NicoleIames. Unfortunately this idea did not gain any traction when it was submitted three years ago. I agree this would be a nice feature.

Being able to import a Google Calendar would be a complete game changer, PLEASE add this feature!