Enhance Fundraisers

I would like to see an Enhancement to Fundraisers.

Fundraisers need a goal. Our fundraisers do not have a goal. I would like to see the goal be made optional.

Also, are fundraisers added to the participation portion of the profile? How does money work for those participants. Is money automatically transferred in to the scout account, or does the treasurer need to complete the transaction?




I have this question as well. What is the point of entering the fundraising transactions into TT (instead of a spreadsheet or Google Docs) if there’s not a way to populate proceeds directly into Money Accounts?

I would suggest an enhancement is needed to allow the Treasurer to allocate proceeds to money accounts, with the option to allow a percentage to be held by the Troop account. For example, a Scout sells $100 (net, after expenses) and the Troop holds 10%, so $90 would to to the individual Scout account and $10 to the Troop account.


I think that is a great idea for putting the money right into the scouts account. I’d also like to see a report for fundraisers.




Great idea Dan!! I support this idea 100%!!

I think the fundraiser could be enhanced a bit to include scout profit, and the name of the fundraiser account the money will go into (just like outings). This way that money could be automatically transferred to the scout account, or have a way to automatically distribute the money once the event has been reconciled and any changes made.



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