Fundraiser Feature Enhancement to Include Donations

I am a relatively new user on TroopTrack and as I was going through the “beta” testing for my Troop, I noted that the Fundraisers feature in the Manage tab was useful if we had a set item with a set price - i.e., Camp/Discount Cards - $2.50 our price and $5 retail. This feature does allow for the Fundraising Chair to be able to track sales and see an immediate return on investment (ROI) back to the individual Scout. However, my Troop does a lot of site sales and we receive, in lieu of actual product sold, donations to the Troop. We also do a Troop “yard sale” where we gather items from the Troop and sale them. All of the monies gathered from the individual donations and yard sale go directly to the Troop, but there is not a place to list it in the Fundraisers feature. If there was a way to capture and include that information in the Fundraisers feature, I believe that a lot of other users would find this helpful as well.


Didn’t want this idea to get missed in masses.

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Another great idea. Troop Track needs to continue to evolve into a better management tool rather than a tracking tool. It needs to bolster all its financial tools so that troops/packs can better track, manage, report on its finances.



We do a spaghetti dinner and the cost is $9, we regularly get $10 for the cost of the ticket. So what I did was set up ticket options for the cost of the ticket and then made an option for Donations that are a $1. So if someone sells 2 tickets and someone gives a $20 and says to keep it. We put in two sales for $9 each and then two donations for $1 each. Hope this makes sense and helps.
I wish there was a way to run a report for Fundraiser.