Exporting Money Accounts

There should be a feature that allows for the entire money account to be exported at one time. Currently you are only able to view a certain number per screen, and when exporting it only exports what is on the screen. If I have 150 transactions, I would like to export 150 at one time as with my bank account.

Good morning @PhillipKivel,

I may need some clarification here.

If you go to Manage > Money > All Money Accounts, you can print summary or detailed CSVs or PDFs. When I tested it, it appeared to include all of your accounts.

If I go to a specific account, I can also print a CSV or PDF of every transaction in that account’s history and I didn’t see any limit there either.

Let me know if I’m just not looking in the right spot.


You are in the same spot I was thinking. CSV pulls all just not in order I have to sort it. PDF does not pull all.

Good morning @PhillipKivel,

I’ve created a bug report for these items.


I often export the money account data using csv. It opens in Excel, then I turn on Filter in the Data tab. This allows you to sort and select the data as you want. Unfortunately I can’t make updates and re-import it back.