Financials- Tender Type

When making a financial transaction, tender type is included (check, Cash, Paypal).

What is the Troop Track Deposit tender type?

I did a test transaction out of my scout account. The transaction appears in my account log, but does not appear in the troop primary account. My transaction is listed in the money book, but there is no deposit on the troop side.

I assumed tender type was just the form of payment. Am I missing something?

Any help understanding is greatly appreciated!


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@Sam- Thanks for clearing things up with the tender type. Now I understand how that would be useful. It is possible to customize the list just like we can for Categories?

I looked at my transaction, and it was a debit (pay for something) from my scout account . The way our troop works, I don’t see us actually processing a transaction in that fashion; however, there are times when scouts pay for events with money from their scout account. Examples would be NYLT, Philmont etc. In these cases, the troop pulls the money out of the scout account and writes the check for the event. I see now we would simply do a transfer transaction to transfer xxx of dollars to the primary account so the check could be written.

Thanks so much!


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Will do! Thanks for the suggestion :grinning:


Is it possible to add more tender types?

I would like to see one added for bulk transactions. This would help some items stand out such as monthly dues, or refunds given.