FIXED: Calendar Events disappeared from view

I entered some events on that later disappeared. I see them on the "Year at a Glance list but not on

This most likely the same reported bug for all day events. Reported here and elsewhere:

As a short term fix, you can remove the checkbox for all day event.

I understand the short term fix for events I create up until now. But how can I fix the ones currently created. They all show on “Year at a Glance” but I cannot see them to update them. Also the calendar itself is unclickable, so I cannot select a date by clicking the calendar to create an event only by going through “Plan Event” and using the drop down there.

I got to them by going into my dashboard - that will get you the next month or so of events at least to get them fixed (assuming you / your scout are invited). Or if any emails went out with the invite and link that should take you to the event.

Hopefully this gets fixed very soon.

@dave, any update on this?

Yes, I am pushing the fix now. The problem was fullcalendar.js, the calendar widget we use. It was dropping all day events unless the start and end times were the same. UGH. Anyway, I fixed it and it should be live any second.

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They are showing up on the Calendar now. Unfortunately now they show times again which people reported as an issue previously, and I am sure will again. You just can’t win.

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My all-day events aren’t showing times. Can you add a screenshot?

It does not show up on the Calendar View but if you load the event details, as well as the e-mail that is sent out it shows a time. I just created this event so it has a default 1 hour time frame.
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.10.37 PM

Two other issues I have noticed with the calendar view.

  1. When I pick a month in the drop down list then click GO, the month that is pulled up is always one month behind. e.g. I select 2020 - July and June 2020 is displayed.

  2. Multi-day events only show on the first day when All Day is checked. e.g. I have a “No School” event for 12/21/2020 - 12/25/2020. On the calendar, the event only shows on 12/21 when All Day is checked. When All Day is not checked, the event displays correctly (although with the time as mentioned before which probably should not be displayed.)


Both of these issues have been fixed. Let me know if you have any questions.