FIXED: All calendar events in the month of February are missing

All old and new events put into our February calendar month, whether they were input prior t, or after the Trooptrack upgrade are non-existent. No events are showing up in our troop’s calendar for the month of February. All the other months seem to be working at this time.

Update: My view was set to “Family” switching to “All” showed the Lions, Wolves, and Webelos 1. Bears are still missing their meetings on the calendar.

Tagging on to this report. Den Meetings for several of our Dens are no longer exist on the calendar. Meetings for Lions, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos 1 were in place for September through May. All of them have been removed since the upgrade.

We are also missing events on our February calendar view. The events show up on the dashboard view, but not on the calendar. I switched to ‘all events’ view and still nothing.

Happened after the TT4 upgrade…

Perhaps this is related to this post:

If they were All Day events there seems to be an issue with them. Uncheck the All Day Events option.
This post with a similar issue shows it in Pending status from TT:

It could be the same issue. Although, I have some other All Day events that are still visible. These have been on the calendar a while versus new events I created yesterday.

I can’t check the All Day option because the event doesn’t show on the calendar and is too far out to show on my dashboard.

We’ve fixed the all-day event problem. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem where an entire month is missing however.

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