FIXED: Can’t open sign up sheets on mobile

Sign up sheets can’t be accessed from mobile devices.

@cubmaster165 Do you think you could tell me more about what is going on? I was able to create a signup sheet on my iPhone, add items, publish it, and sign up. I need more info to figure out this problem.



Here’s what I’ve discovered after spending more time playing with it:

From iPhone app, if I navigate to ‘Communicate’ -> ‘Sign Up Sheets’, I see the list of available sign up sheets. The only visible columns are Title, Status, Due on, and Sign ups. What I didn’t realize, until getting a bit lucky, is that I can scroll right on the list to see “Details”, “Edit”, and “Delete”.

It’s not evident that any of these are links (they don’t look like buttons and don’t have hyperlink underlines), but they are. So, in the end I can get to them from the iPhone app.

I would make the following suggestions though:

  1. Add a hyperlink to the list title field that takes you to the list. That is the most intuitive way to use it and is what I was trying to do given that I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing the whole screen.
  2. If #1 isn’t possible, then try to add a visible scroll bar at the bottom of the list so it’s more obvious that you need to scroll right to access the rest of list fields. The main thing here is that the whole screen doesn’t scroll right, you have to scroll the screen from within the list box. With only one sign up sheet, that’s a small piece of screen real estate that controls functionality. (Hopefully that makes sense)
  3. Make “Details”, “Edit”, and “Delete” more obvious links by making them look like buttons or adding a hyperlink underline.
    Sorry to drive you crazy on this - in the end it does work but just wasn’t very intuitive on the small mobile screen. I had no indication that I needed to scroll the list right. Phone apps generally don’t work that way.

Thanks for getting back to me and hopefully this feedback is somewhat helpful.


Super helpful! Thanks! I’ve put this on our active to-do list

Thanks for sticking it out on this @cubmaster165. Here’s what it will look like on mobile:

This change will go live sometime today.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response and action.

Looks great! Just tested it out.


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