FIXED: Can't find Manage > Settings

Hi @dave and @KelsieC,

I am not able to find Manage > Settings anymore - do I need more privileges? Or is it missing?

I am trying to add a custom award.

Thanks for all your hard work!!

Hi @mwestcott1- just click the gear on the top row next to your name and you’ll find it!


Blue Gear > Custom Awards


P.S. The “i” information thingy next to the troop name says that you can edit the header by going to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings. Should that be updated to “blue gear” > Edit Troop Settings? Or am I revealing my age by not innately knowing that the blue gear means Manage > Settings? :slight_smile:

Oops! I’ll fix that.

For people with the troop settings privilege, the info popup will include an edit button. Should go live today.

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