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Can I get a patch added to the “Other” or “Events” list? We have a “Back to AHG Picnic” that we’d like to get a patch added for. Other than attendance, there are no requirements.


You can create custom awards via your own TT account. Select Manage > Settings > Custom Awards. Then you can create and edit your own awards, for this or other scenarios. Hope that helps!

AMAZING!!! Thanks! Awards will show up on my shopping list, right?

I do have one patch that I’m not sure what to do with. It’s a patch that is recognized by National, several troops across the nation have done it. I have all the requirements, could I send them to you and have them put into TT for all AHG Troops? Or would I need to just create an award for my troop only?

I did contact the mom who ordered all the patches, it was her daughter who came up with the program, and she did say that it was ok to put it in TT. The patch is for the 2017 eclipse. So it’s a one time deal…

I manually entered that patch into TT as a custom patch for our troop.

They should show up in your list, yes. If not, let us know.

As far as the eclipse patch goes, I would follow mwestcott’s suggestion and enter it in manually as a custom award.

Thanks! Will do!

That’s what we did.

Hi I don’t have a settings option under manage.

It sounds like you do not have privileges assigned to you to allow that. You need “Manage troop settings” privilege. You would need to ask someone in your group that has the ability to manage privileges to add it to your account.

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