Formatting for Print Advancment Report pdf

Good Morning!
I have a question about the Print Advancement Report pdf that is generated when we request an advancement report. In the past, I have turned in the pdf print-off to my council office and they have asked me to redo it because the words for the awards are too small. So now, every month, I have to convert the report to a Word document and then go through and remove words, extra spaces and change font size so the registrar can read them.

The print out may say : Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut.   I have to change this to Webelos:Aquanaut so I can increase the font size so it can be read.
It may say: Arrow of Light Adventure: Duty to God in Action.  I have to change this to AOL:Duty to God in Action.

My question is this:  Can you change the formatting for the page so the rows are bigger or expand to be bigger if the rank is log?  Or can you shorten the information that is put in the column so the words can be big enough?