Getting a list of scouts who need badges

We’d like to generate a list of scouts who need particular badges so we can schedule training for those badges. This will be useful when planning a meeting or cruise, to answer the question of what training would get the most “bang for the buck” - which class(es) we could give to advance the most scouts. Ideally, we’d be able to get a real-time list of the most-needed training for the scouts in attendance or planning to attend.

Should be able to do this. All the data is there. Help!

Since there’s an awful lot of merit badges, can you utilize the reverse list of who has earned a badge? Manage->Reports->Merit Badges. (I actually just taught our new SPL how to do this so he and PLC can brainstorm for troop meeting ideas.) Report then allows you to toggle for complete/partial, Eagle required, by patrol or just specific merit badges. Unfortunately the full list doesn’t let me organize by merit badge name - but I just export it to CSV and open in excel to manipulate. (More useful, as sorting by name allows me to lump same-name-but-rephrased-requirements badges together, whereas sorting by a specific name wouldn’t catch all those older variants.)