A report for Merit Badge Counselors

Is there a report that a Merit Badge Counselor can run to see all scouts that are assigned to him/her?

Hi @JBurns,

I don’t believe scouts are assigned to a Merit Badge Counselor.

If you would like to see which scouts have started a specific merit badge, you should go to Achieve > Merit Badge Book. There are many filters at the top to help you get what you need. You can simply choose a merit badge, decide if you want to see completed, partially completed, awarded, not awarded, specific patrols, etc.

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There is an option to select a Merit Badge Counselor in a Scouts Profile under Achievements/Merit Badges. When a scout requests to start on a MB the Scoutmaster is to Assign an appropriate MBC. This is a great place to do that. Is there a way to see all scout names and merit badges that a given MBC is listed against and the percentage complete?


Maybe adding the MBC field to the Interactive Merit Badge Book would do the Trick?

Hi @JBurns,

In the scenario you provided, the MBC is assigned to the merit badge, not the scout. Going to the Merit Badge Book and filtering by Merit Badge should give you the results you seek.

Because an MBC can be assigned to multiple merit badges, it may not give the best results. If enough of the community comments on this post and says they would find filtering by MBC a useful feature, our developers may consider it. Until then, I think you will find that filtering with the Merit Badge Book meets your needs.

Also, if you go to Manage > Members > Merit Badge Counselors will give you a list of the counselors and show you what badges they counsel, or you can choose the Merit Badges tab and it will show you which merit badges have counselors assigned.

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I am really asking for an enhancement to be able to run a merit badge report by a selected MBC.

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Hi @JBurns,

I’m sorry for not understanding.

Change the category of this post to “Ideas” and if it gets some support and good feedback from the rest of the community, our developers may consider it.

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I strongly urge you to add the feature to filter particular scouts (and their open MBs) by specific MB counselor. For example, we have several Camping MB counselors, of which I am one. I would like to see which scouts are assigned to me, without having to bother the Advancement Chair or Scoutmaster.

I certainly hope that your statement “the MBC is assigned to the merit badge, not the scout” is your description of the software and not your understanding of the BSA–because it would be completely wrong.

The MBC is authorized to teach certain MBs. That particular MB counselor may be assigned several scouts to teach/guide/mentor, and other MB counselors of the exact same MB may be assigned different scouts from the troop.

It would certainly be a great idea if we could run a report by MB counselors, with various filtering provisions.