Hide or remove rank version

Is there a way to hide or remove a particular version of a rank. For instance, the 2015 Scout Rank among others. Our advancement person often time mistakenly applies the wrong version of a rank. So the ability to at least hide a particular version would be beneficial.

Hi @DaveStarling ,

Any awards you don’t want your Troop to use can be removed by clicking on the gear icon, and “manage active achievements”. From there you can uncheck the box of an award, and then scroll down and click “save”. The award will then be inactive. If it’s been added to someone’s profile already though, then it won’t be taken off someone’s profile.


David Keener

This is for rank (Scout, Tenderfoot, First Class, etc). There are different year versions for these. We would like a way to hide specific versions of these ranks. Right now, we are interested in hiding/disabling the 2015 versions.