Option to Hide Cub Scout Level Awards

Our unit recently bridged a number of cub scouts from a pack using Troop Track Into our Troop’s site.
Each of these Cubs’s records now shows many belt loops and Cub Ranks and Misc achievements under the “Other” Section. one, scout 267669 has 70+ Cub Level awards

Can you consider some sort of check box to
“Hide Cub Level Awards” so that when they get to the Troop Level we have the opportunity to “Filter away” the Cub stuff for every day operational purposes in the Troop.


I also have Cubs that were using TT and have moved over. I am curious how it is affecting your usage of TT? I haven’t run into anything yet but want to know what issues I might have.

Other Awards section just has a lot of “Cub Scout Cruft” that intermingles with the Boy Scout level “Other Awards” that we track. A minor Annoyance/convenience thing when maintaining or viewing advancements.

Got it, thanks for the info.