Hints for scrolling thru Privileges

If you are using Manage->Members-Privileges, and want to walk thru many pages, you might find this tip handy.

When the list of Privileges comes up, press the “Last »” button. This will show you the last page.
Now, when you click on the “‹ Prev”, you don’t have to move your mouse.
Every mouse click (without looking) will take you to the next page of privileges (of course, in the reverse order!)

Because we have so many users, we have many pages (more than 20 pages). Each click on “Next ›” would cause the physical location of “Next ›” button to move. Each time I wanted to go to the next page, I had to find the “Next ›” button and move the mouse again before I could click to the next page.

This hint makes it so I can use a “page button” without it moving from under the mouse.

« First ‹ Prev and Next › Last » should be grouped before the page numbers, when using UI that would otherwise move the location of Next › Last » on every page new page load.