Which privilege is needed for which page?

It would be a HUGE convenience if every page that required a certain privilege, the name of the required privilege would be displayed on the page.

For example, the Manage->Members->Privileges page requires the “Manage Privileges” privilege. Putting that bit of information at the bottom of the page before the “Select Language” would be unobtrusive, and hugely useful for the site Admins.

Members come and go, and it is sometimes hard know who needs which privilege, but we always know which page they need access to :slight_smile:

Perhaps I missed something in the documentation that enumerates the pages and their privs, but I didn’t see one… this would solve the problem in a much better fashion than simply documenting it.

Thanks for all the great support!! Much appreciated!


I like this idea. It would be helpful to me too. When someone asks what privilege they need for some features, if I don’t know it off the top of my head, I have to do some trial and error until I figure it out. Good suggestion!