Hold Column Headers on Screen when updating Attendance

When I enter attendance for an event, the column headers scroll off the screen as I work my way down the list of Scouts and Adults. I often lose track of which column is for nights, or service hours, or miles hiked and have to scroll back up to verify that I’m putting data in the correct column. Please help!


Good Morning @ChristopherShackelfo,

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I really like this idea. Columns sticking to the top of the screen as you scroll would be really useful when entering attendance.

Who else thinks this would be a really useful feature?

Thank you!


Me, Me, Me, Me…lol

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Awesome idea! It should carry over to all reports e.g. the shopping list, etc.


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Hi Everyone!

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This feature is now under consideration by our developers! Good job guys!

Issue #1424

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@ChristopherShackelfo, thanks for pointing me to this one. My cursory search before posting my own duplicate version obviously failed.

Something like the grids in ExtJS [1] would be awesome.

[1] http://examples.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0-ea/examples/classic/grid/row-editing.html

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I am wondering if this is another suggestion that has gotten lost when new resources rotated in. I would hope this is not a difficult change. I would certainly help users. :star: