FIXED: Horizontal Scroll on Manage/Members/Invite Users

On the Invite Users page, my page looks like this:

and at the very bottom of the list is the scroll bar. So I scroll all the way down, scroll over, and then scroll back up to find the user I need. But scrolling over obscures the names like this:
So it’s sort of a vicious cycle for me.
Is there anyway to have a more dynamic, page-based scroll instead of an element/table scroll (if that makes sense)?

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I am often on a larger screen and while I understand the need for the window to scale down for smaller screens it would be nice if it was able to expand all the way if you have the screen real estate.
For the scrolling it also greatly depends on your mouse or trackpad. Many modern pointing devices allow vertical or horizontal scroll perhaps using different gestures or number of fingers, or perhaps even different buttons. It won’t work for everyone but if you don’t have to scroll all the way down to scroll right and left it makes it much easier in the current configuration.

I removed a couple columns from this page tonight. Please let me know if you think it makes it easier to use.


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I checked both the OP Manage -> Members -> Invite Users and User Accounts are both are fully visible in the widest view of the page. I would be hard pressed for anyone to miss Privileges or Last Login on the User Accounts Page. The User Access page is a little jumbled when you view all Users, since they have potential for such different settings. Users Without Access is very clear and concise.

Do you mean no one will miss the privileges or last login columns?

Correct, I don’t see why anyone would miss those.

@admin_0633 and @AaronStorey,

Just wanting to follow up.

Is this table good as is? Or does it need further improvements?


I think it looks good.

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I just came looking for where the last log in column went. I only really access it in the fall to make sure new members were able to log in… it’s there a way to verify if they have actually set up an account somewhere else? We only had 3 new families last year with covid, so I guess I didn’t look.

Hi @KarenBatsford1,

That column is still there. You can find this under “manage”, “members” and “user accounts”.


David Keener