How do I go about pushing our scouts achievements to council

How do I push our scouts achievements to our council? I cannot find the path anywhere. Please help!

HI @HeatherWinfrey,

Are you wanting to upload those achievements to Scoutbook? I believe that with Scoutbook those achievements will go to the council as well.

Here’s a link to the user guide on how to download a scoutbook report and upload it to Scoutbook.


David Keener

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BSA’s Internet Advancement 2.0 (IA2.0), located at is the place to upload the Advancement text file you create from TT. If your council requires a copy of advancement reports to go to them once the file has been processed in IA2.0 then it creates a Report you can download and send in to your Council and use it to purchase restricted items at your local Scout Shop.

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