Import your data from and to IA 2.0 / Scoutbook

TroopTrack now interacts with IA2.0 through a upload/download (import/export) system of syncing between TroopTrack and Scoutbook.

Here is how syncing between TT and scoutbook / IA 2.0 currently works.

Syncing from TroopTrack to Scoutbook:

When you are tracking achievements or managing members within TroopTrack, you can sync that work by downloading that data from TT and uploading it into Scoutbook.

We have created a video explaining this process here: Internet Advancement 2.0 Integration Preview

  1. Go to Achieve > IA 2.0 Advancement Reports
  2. Create a Report. The report will list all newly recorded advancement data entered into the troop/pack on TroopTrack that is tracked by Scoutbook/IA2.0. By default, all advancements are selected, but feel free to select only the advancements you would like included in the report. Then click Save.
  3. Download Report. The report will be a TXT file.
  4. Login to Internet Advancement and upload the file.
  5. Once the report has been uploaded to IA, you will need to close the report in TroopTrack. Choose the date it was reported. Then click “Save and Mark Achievements as Reported”.

Each of these reports will have a total of 100 awards that can uploaded to ScoutBook. To upload more you’ll need to close out a report, and then create a new one with 100 awards on the new report as well.

Syncing from Scoutbook to TroopTrack:

There are three types of downlaods/exports you can export from that you can then import into TroopTrack. To get there in Scoutbook go to your Unit page and scroll toward the bottom and there is a Export/Backup option. The exports you can receive from Scoutbook and then import into TroopTrack are:

  1. Scouts/Members - This downloads all of your scouts member roster information
  2. Advancement - This downloads all of your scouts advancement information
  3. Leaders & Parents - This downloads all of your adults member roster information

Once you have any of these files you can submit an import request through the help desk on TT and our support team will upload the scoutbook exports into your troop on TT. To do this you click on Support > Spreadsheet Import/Export and choose the type of import it is. Currently TroopTrack does not have a scoutbook logs import (hours, nights, miles, etc). If you would like to upload hours, nights, and miles, the spreadsheet will need to be formatted as described here.

Hope all of that above makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions about syncing with Scoutbook.


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Just as an FYI BSA has changed the URL for Scoutbook and IA2.0.
Scoutbook is now ( does redirect)
IA2.0 is now
It’s always nice when they do things like this to really confuse our non-techie advancement people.


@Tyler will you clarify something for me please? I am working on getting this IA 2.0 report set up. I first had to get all our scout’s member ids added to the system. Now that that is done, my question is when I create an IA 2.0 report in TT is it checking against the Scoutbook database and only creating a report with new achievements from TT to be imported into Scoutbook database? Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile:

@KevinHicks , yes, if a completed award has been included in a previous IA report in TroopTrack that has been marked as reported to IA, then TroopTrack will not include that completed in any future IA reports that are generated.

Let me know if that answers your question.


@Tyler let me ask another question that I’m not sure about. What happens if for instance, you export information out of troop track via the IA report that has already been imported into the BSA IA database? And when I say imported, I am mean through another mechanism other than TT. Say for instance IA was manually updated by council office by a scouting representative.

I believe IA will be updated with the new information from TT if the information is different. Say the original had a date completed of 4/15 and the TT upload had 4/16 then IA would be changed to 4/16.

I assume that if I import Scoutbook Youth into TroopTrack it won’t create duplicate accounts for the scouts. Is there a specific data point that links the scout records in Scoutbook to the proper user in TroopTrack to avoid duplicating records?

Hi @JohnDemaree,

Yes duplicates are prevented by having the Scout ID on the users profile in TroopTrack. If those aren’t in, then the names will need to be the same on the file as they are in TroopTrack.


David Keener

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When importing training data, should the title include the code or just the name of the course?

Hi @csp1067,

Here’s the import that we accept for trainings. You’ll need to format the file as described on that page in order for it to upload properly to TroopTrack.


David Keener


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