How do Parents Manage Multiple Scout Accounts in the same Household?

Hi all,

We have some families with multiple boys in the troop.

The parents would like to be able to transfer money from 1 scout account to another within their household. How can this be done?

I tried adding the manage money permission to a parent with Household permissions, but she was able to see transactions outside of her household, so I removed the permissions.

I am asking so parents can use Stripe, bulk add money to 1 scout account, pay only 1 fee, then transfer a portion of that money to another scout fund within the household.

How do other units handle this situation? Does the treasurer move money between family scout accounts, or am I missing something?



Right now we don’t offer this as a feature. It has been requested and it is on the todo list. If parents do not put money in their scouts’ accounts often, then for now I would just have a leader do the transfers when necessary.


Thanks Matt,

I appreciate the quick response!