Update to money account access

We are trying to teach our scouts responsibility to use trooptrack. Although they are kids and should not have access to the money side until parents feel they are ready. With this said I know I can restrict the access to use their account, but when I do this I (as a parent) no longer am able to use their account to pay for an event. (Their account option is no longer on the household drop down). If a youth is part of a household, an adult in this household should always be able to use the scout account to pay for the scout event.

Example of what should happen: Scout goes into their account and registers for an event (RSVP). they are unable to pay because they do not have access to their money account. When I log in as a parent I see my youth’s account and see they registered for an event. I want to pay for this event, but currently if I restrict the scout from using their money account, I also restricted myself from using their money account to pay for the event they registered for.

Hi @PhillipKivel,

I’m not entire sure what you mean here.

The scout in the image below has absolutely no access or privileges. The parent only has “Household” access and can RSVP for the scout with the scout’s money account.

Can you please give me a specific event/person to look at so I can see if a setting might be changing something?

Thank you.

Per our conversation on the phone, I realized that I misunderstood what you were asking for and that’s my fault.

A scout should be able to see their money account, but not use it to pay for anything. A parent should be able to use their money account to pay for things like events.

Right now, a parent cannot use a scout’s money account to pay for something if it is turned off for the scout.

Manage > Members > All Money Accounts, Action > Edit (on any scout account)

If we turn the above setting off, it will make it so neither scout nor parent can use the account.

Suggested solution:
A setting that allows parents, but not scouts, to pay using scout accounts to pay for events.

Any and all input would be appreciated.

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