How to Post a Video on TT Website

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to post a video on a webpage?

I understand from another post, we can’t use embedded video from YouTube or other sources due to security.

But, if we create a slideshow or shoot some video, how do we go about posting the video on our webpages?



It can be done! I would imagine that a direct support request could fill us in. I would be interested too!

Here is a site that was shared with me. with a YouTube video embedded

Alright you got me going … For the lack of better instructions, I used a Chrome browser tool and discovered that particular video link was sourced from Facebook, although you should be able to embed YouTube as well. I have done it in a highly secure intranet website at work …so security should not be an issue… I don’t see why it would be.

Anyway, I copied the verbose link from their website source code and make it work on my test page by inserting an iFrame. Then I found another Facebook video and made it work by inserting the video source number in that same piece of code…

I know this not much to go on but I made it work … although it isn’t pretty yet.

This is my test site.

Here is the long code is (if you can make sense of it) :

Try pasting this into your iFrame properties in the URL blank at the top of the box.and see if you get results.

In this Facebook case, you can right- click on a full screen video you want to use and get the address. Then you must replace / substitute the directory and the video identification number into the above code… Trust me… all of it is important…ie. leave the ‘%2F and &’ in there. For instance, replace ‘OleNasty79’ and “1685939588357870” with the specific video source info you want to use.

Now for the YouTube solution … we’ll see.

Hope this helps someone…


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How to easily add a YouTube video to TroopTrack web page.

Too easy … when you know how to do it.

I discovered through trial and error what does and does not work.

In the page editor … second line, far right is little Globe Icon for adding an iFrame into the page body.

In the properties you MUST put the YouTube URL in this particular format. It must have “” spelled out as such and the “/embed/” in the line. Then add the proper ratio for the screen on the page. Mine is 500x290 pixels.

*** This

It WILL NOT use the short code or TinyURL version that YouTube gives you such as:

*** Good

To find the link from YouTube… find the video source URL address from the “Share” (just below the movie) and then “Embed”.
Use the URL from the middle of that iFrame code on the Embed tab.

I am finding that TroopTrack’s web code generator keeps stripping the ‘allowfullscreen’ from my code (that I have put in manually) so I will submit a support ticket for that. Embedded code disappears in web pages


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Note: This page will likely change in the future.


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Hi @gbanta1109,

Thanks for the replies! I see I got your attention… :grinning:

Here’s the thing, I was able to post a YouTube embedded video after I posted my question. I pretty much followed the advice in your last post. I created an iFrame and added the proper link in the dialog box. The video played, then I moved on to another page,and came back. The video was gone, and I couldn’t get it to appear on my page…

I logged in a couple of days later, and viola! the video was back on the page. It’s been there ever since.

Any insight is appreciated!



Hi @gbanta1109 ,

I was able to post an embedded video from You Tube without a problem. I did it the same way you posted in your last post.

It looks like to me whether you are embedding a video on the private or public page, it should work. Provided you correctly set up the URL as you listed above.

Thanks so much!