Upload videos as well as photos

Please provide the ability to upload videos.

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Hi Chuck,

Where would you like the ability to upload videos? In the troop albums? Let me know and we can put it on our product road map.


We’d love to be able to put videos in our troop albums!!

I like the idea but I can see a potential issue with TT hosting becoming much more expensive quickly if many users start uploading video, many hosting companies charge by the amount of storage space that is used as well as how much data is transferred over the network, that is why BSA has chosen not to allow photo uploads for sharing in Scoutbook.com. An option for something you could do now would be to host the videos in YouTube and link to your Internal pages, you would need to play around with YouTube permissions if you are worried about youth in videos being publicly accessible so it would take some extra work for that.

Yes, the troop album.

Actually, storage is very cheap today. I don’t like the idea of using YouTube. We have had photos in TT since 2014, so it is really nice to have the troop history as leaders / boys come and go. If there is an issue with the amount of storage, TT could set a limit to the storage space. I think that would be a better solution.

Is this an option now?

No, to my recollection, there is still no option to upload videos into the photo albums.