I learned something new in TroopTrack today!

Hi Everyone!

I will occasionally post here (when I learn new things) and I hope all of you will do the same (even if it doesn’t seem that important). If you learn a new feature or find something especially helpful, please post it here!

Go to Plan > Record Attendance, click “Attendance” for an event, the first column says “Select All”. Every time I saw this column I wondered what the heck it was used for. It didn’t have any apparent function.

Thanks to @Spencer, we now know that this column allows you to select only those you would like the other filters to apply to.

I chose 3 users as seen above. Then I click “Attended?” and add “Hiking Miles” and it only applies to those that were checked.

Some of you may have already known about this, but I sure didn’t! I hope it helps!


Oh now THAT is pretty spiffy!!! Thanks!

You can track Login Count, Last Login, and Last Activity of the users in your troop by going to Manage > Members > User Accounts.

If you send someone an invite to register, this is how you can tell if they’ve logged in and accepted that.

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Our troop just started on TroopTrack and we have many new registrations out waiting for members to sign in for the first time. I saw this option in “Manage / Members / User Accounts” during our testing period.

However, it doesn’t appear that I can use this in a report. I’d like to have a report showing this in a simple format-- last name, first name, email, login count, last login date.

Is this possible?