Tracking Attendance


How to Get There

Finding your way to Attendance Tracking is easy.  Simply choose the Plan Badge option, then select "Record Attendance" in the drop down box.  Illustrated below:

How It Works

The main attendance page lists all your past events, as shown below.

You can record attendance for any event by clicking on the "Attendance" link in that event's row. This will result in the following form:

When you are done providing the values you need, click "Update event" (found at the bottom of the page) to save changes and your done.

You cannot record attendance for people who have not been invited to the event.
You must invite people to an event in order to record their attendance.

Attendance not saving

When I tried to record attendance, I noticed duplicate names on that page. How do I delete the duplicates?


I have the same problem. Bummer.


Question for Troop Track to answer. Is the attendance report that this website produces accepted by the BSA for rank advancement?


I have this same issue as well where everyone is duplicated. Anyone get anything from TroopTrack support?


Question: we have added a new family to our troop and when I go to track attendance, she is not there. Is it because we uploaded all of our events before she was in the system? How do I get her to appear in our attendance? She is in the unit!

Thank you,
Cynthia Puckett


You’ll need to “invite” her to these events.It takes some time to go through all the events though. I have fixed running into this issue in the past by clicking “scouts” or the box next to the patrol name when inviting people, this way if new people are added to the troop they automatically are included.


Is there a plan to allow taking attendance from the mobile app? It would be really helpful to be able to track attendance via the mobile app versus just seeing who RSVP. This would allow the adult or explorer in charge (in our case as law enforcement explorers) to take attendance in real time while on site versus a post event follow up.

Just a thought.


It is possible to record attendance from the iOS Mobile App. Once the event date and time has passed the RSVP will change to Tally and you can select who is in attendance. Unless there is a difference in the system from a Troop to an Explorer group but it does work for our Troop.


I was able to test this today using your input and it did indeed work as described via iPad. Thank you for the direction and assistance!



Is it possible to lock the header (Hours/Camping Nights/Hiking Miles, etc) so that it doesn’t scroll off the top of the screen? We have over 100 people that get invited to each event, and when recording attendance, it is sometimes difficult to remember or which column nights / miles / etc need to be logged. Thank you.


Also, it would be really helpful to shrink the space between the selection blocks, for example, rather than seeing just 8 names or so on a page, it seems very simple to reduce the height of each row so you can see closer to 20. Thanks.


It doesn’t look like anyone is responding to the posts I’ve seen… But I’ll add another one… Is there a way to filter the attendance tracker to show only those who RSVP’d? When I select “all” for those who went camping it clicks everyone in the troop. I just want to show attendance to those who … attended. With a large troop this is not easy…


It does not seem to be an option when recording. It seems like this would be a feature request. It does not seem like it has been requested before but I agree that it would be nice to filter only those who have RSVP’d.


Though this might not be helpful with a large troop, but I have noticed that when you have an event where people have RSVP’d, the ones who either RSVP’d yes or no tend to be at the bottom of the list. I do agree though, it would be so much easier to filter!!