Import Your Training Instantly

Upload files for this importer like this.

We recently made a Training importer! You can now send us a .csv of your training records and we can import them for you.

The spreadsheet should follow this pattern:

Required Columns:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Youth or Adult
  • Training

Optional Columns:

  • Completed On
  • Goal On

Importer Info

The order of the headers doesn’t matter. Also, headers are case-insensitive (so you can use First Name or first name or FIRST NAME). Dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format.

We try to find users by first name, last name, and whether they’re a youth or adult, so be consistent in your naming. For example, if TroopTrack thinks John Smith Jr.'s first name is Johnny, use Johnny in the spreadsheet, or Johnny won’t get his training.

If the spreadsheet doesn’t contain all the required columns, we won’t be able to import your training records. Also, if any rows in your spreadsheet are missing any required fields (for example, a row is missing the Training entry), we won’t be able to perform the import.


| Last Name | First Name | Youth or adult | Training               | Completed On |
| Smith     | John       | Adult          | KEYS to Child's Safety | 22/08/2017   |
| Bob       | Greybeard  | Adult          | Archery Instructor     | 18/1/2017    |
| Sam       | Gamgee     | youth          | Knife Training         |              |

Upload files for this importer like this.

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Can I add a column for “Expires On” in my spreadsheet or is that automatically calculated?

And is there a way to do this for Troop Equipment?? That would be pretty awesome! :wink:

The “Expires On” values are automatically calculated based on the specific training type.

We have an equipment importer, too. :slight_smile:

AWESOME SAUCE!!! Thanks! The equipment importer will be my next thing to get done!

Newbie here. I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to get a .csv that’s in this format. When I download a training report nothing is in this neat format of one training per cell, and it’s all number coded. While it’s easy enough to clean up so there’s just name, training, and adult/youth, it’s going to be a nightmare to try to pull out each training for some of us and figure out what the name is. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Also, I assume this is something we will need to revisit periodically so things are up-to-date? Thanks!

What type of unit are you with? As a BSA unit I can pull a .csv file out of Internet Advancement that is pretty close and would only need some minor changes. Granted for those I can do a direct sync from TroopTrack to the BSA internet advancement system as a TurboNET Roster Import from the Achieve menu. Unfortunately ScoutBook it down right now so I can’t check on what options it has for exporting advancement data.

I was working through the Troop, but happy to import from the Crew as well (looks like I need to do that anyway). I must be doing something wrong, because my cell for advancement is W I D E and full of number codes for trainings I’ve completed, not listed individually by name. It’s trainings that I’m trying to do, not advancements (those I have synced up).

I didn’t realize it was Training. Yea I couldn’t get any kind of export from my.scouting for Training that would work for this import. Maybe from Scoutbook but its still down.

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Thanks. At least there’s company in the confusion. I have tried a number of things, including trying to import my info from my crew.

I am a member in two AHG Troops. I am trying to copy my training from one to the other. I followed the instructions but it didn’t upload. Please help.

Hi @AHGMI1308 ,

Uploading this sends it to us, and then it’s imported to TroopTrack by our TroopTrack customer support.

This doesn’t always occur as soon as you upload it.


David Keener

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack,

I’m evaluating troop track and I was surprised that imported data has to have manual intervention on your end. When will automated import loading be supported?

I understand the constraints of small companies but automatically inserting uploaded files is a reasonable expectation and a big benefit in terms of overhead and user experience. Is there a feature list that users can vote on to help move this up in priority? If you’re looking for technical expertise, I can suggest several contractors that can help.

Hi @DaveWelch,

All imports are manual imports as sometimes users have issues with the file. Manual imports help us to identify, explain, and help correct those issues.

File imports are usually done within 1-2 business days.


David Keener