Import Your Achievements Instantly


Upload files for this importer like this.

We recently made an Achievement Importer! You can now send us a .csv spreadsheet of your achievement records and we can import them for you.

This import cannot record partial completion, nor can it record merit badges or BSA rank advancement.

The spreadsheet should follow this pattern:

Required Columns:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Youth or Adult (values should be either “youth” or “adult”)
  • Achievement
  • Completed On (DD/MM/YYYY)

Optional Columns:

  • Awarded on (DD/MM/YYYY) [If this column is not included, it defaults to the Completed On date]
  • Note
  • Recognized (True/False) [Defaults to True]
  • Purchased (True/False) [Defaults to True]

The order of the headers doesn’t matter. Also, headers are case-insensitive (so you can use First Name or first name or FIRST NAME). Dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format. Youth or Adult entries should either be Youth or Adult, and can be uppercase or lowercase.

We try to find users by first name, last name, and whether they’re a youth or adult, so be consistent in your naming. For example, if TroopTrack thinks John Smith Jr.'s first name is Johnny, use Johnny in the spreadsheet.

If the spreadsheet doesn’t contain all the required columns, we won’t be able to import your achievements. Also, if any rows in your spreadsheet are missing any required fields (for example, no Youth or Adult is listed for a user), we won’t be able to perform the import.

The Achievement column should list the name of the achievement as recorded in TroopTrack. This column is case-sensitive. You can see all achievements available to your troop by going to Manage > About Your Troop and clicking the Awards tab.

If you leave out the Awarded On column, then each achievement defaults to being awarded on the same date it was completed. If the Awarded On column is present, we import it exactly, blanks and all (which is how you would import an achievement which has been completed but not awarded).


| First Name | last name | youth OR adult | Completed On | Achievement          | Recognized |
| Johnny     | Smith     | youth          | 29/08/2016   | Wolf Badge (2016 +)  | True       |
| John       | Smith     | adult          | 13/02/2017   | 1-year service star  | False      |
| Jane       | Smith     | Adult          | 02/02/2017   | 2-year service star  | True       |
| Bob        | Bobson    | Youth          | 31/12/2016   | Tiger Badge (2016 +) | True       |
| Robert     | Bobson    | adult          | 19/11/2016   | 1-year service star  | True       |

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