User Importer for All Unit Types

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We can now import user information for any unit type!

Most of our importers are based on data that can be exported from other scouting software, but these are only available for certain unit types. With this new user importer, we can import users into troops of any unit type. You can send us a spreadsheet of the users in your troop through the helpdesk, and we should have it imported within a day or two. The spreadsheet should follow the following pattern:

Required Columns:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Youth or Adult (values should be either “youth” or “adult”)
  • Household

Optional Columns:

  • Email
  • Gender (values should be either “male” or “female”)
  • Nick Name
  • Middle Name
  • Suffix
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Line1
  • Line2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Patrol
  • Level
  • ID Number
  • Joined On (DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD)

Importer Info

The order of the headers doesn’t matter, and any other headers will be ignored. Also, headers are case-insensitive (so you can use First Name or first name or FIRST NAME). Dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format. Youth or Adult entries should either be Youth or Adult, and can be uppercase or lowercase. Gender entries should be either Male, Female or blank, and can be uppercase or lowercase.

We try to find users by first name, last name, and whether they’re a youth or adult, so be consistent in your naming. For example, if TroopTrack thinks John Smith Jr.'s first name is Johnny, use Johnny in the spreadsheet so that we don’t accidentally make a duplicate user.

We try to find households by name (the Household entry) and the first line of the address, eg: 123 Milky Way (the line1 entry), so again, be consistent with naming. If you already have households in TroopTrack and don’t want to bother entering the addresses, you can leave the line1 and other information out of the spreadsheet and we will match households by name.

If the spreadsheet doesn’t contain all the required columns, we won’t be able to import your users. Also, if any rows in your spreadsheet are missing any required fields (for example, no Household is listed for a user), we’ll just skip that row in the spreadsheet.

Important Columns


We can optionally import users into their patrols, using the Patrol entry. We try to find an existing patrol with the name in the Patrol entry, but if there isn’t one, we make one. If you don’t provide a Patrol entry the user(s) will go to the “Unassigned” patrol.


Optionally set a user’s level. For BSA Cub Scouts, for example, this would be one of Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos. This is only applicable to organizations with age-based levels (Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, AHG, etc). This is not applicable to organizations with achievement-based levels, such as BSA Troops.

ID Number

This is the same ID found on a user’s profile, under the “Member Details” page, in the “Registration Info” section. For BSA troops/packs this is the BSA ID. This is an optional field.


| First Name | last name | youth OR adult | household | EMAIL          | Born On    |
| Johnny     | Smith     | Youth          | Smith     |                | 21/05/2005 |
| John       | Smith     | adult          | Smith     | |            |
| Jane       | Smith     | Adult          | Smith     |                |            |
| Bob        | Bobson    | youth          | Bobson    |  | 14/10/2009 |
| Robert     | Bobson    | Adult          | Bobson    |    |            |

Upload files for this importer like this.

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In addition to this, is there any ability to import advancement from other software? Unfortunately, BSA’s Internet Advancement system has a bad habit of not being 100% complete, even if you enter awards through the IA web site. Our current software is more complete than IA, and I can export advancement to a CSV. We plan to start tracking advancement for our pack on June 1 when the new program year begins.

Hi @dboring,

I’m afraid achievements are a bit more complicated. I would do an import from the bsa using turboNET (don’t forget to refresh the screen before starting the import), and then fill in the rest with the records you know are good.

Hi @mlsully2002,

Thanks for the update! I wish it were different, but I understand the difficulty of supporting imports from various other software packages.

Is there a particular format for US phone numbers? Should it be:

  • (817) 203-2423
  • 817-203-2423
  • 8172032423
  • +18172032423
  • Something else


For US phone numbers we default to using a format like.

  • (123) 456-7890

This format is automatically applied to all phone numbers entered manually. For numbers entered through this importer no format is applied. However, any 10-digit format will work with TroopTrack’s texting services (so don’t use the international +11234567890 format for US numbers).


So in my spreadsheet, I should format phone numbers like your example? I’m trying to make it as “data friendly” as possible before sending it to you. Thanks!

To be as data-friendly as possible, yes, follow the format I specified above.

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I have been having issues with this import for several days now. Opened a bug as well. When I try to import I get a “oops” screen.

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.

Hi @jebwhs87,

We have been seeing your errors! Could you please create a help desk ticket and attach those files so we can look into the problem a little better? Thanks!

Already did… no response on it so I posted here.

Also I can’t upload the file to the bug. Says the file attachment type (CSV) is not allowed.
Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

I’m not able to find any recent help desk tickets for you, only community posts. I am going to pass this along to our developer and see what we can do. Since we are a bit short-handed right now, it might take a couple of days, but we will do our best to get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

To open a ticket on the help desk, go to Support and then Get Help. In the search box, type anything you want. It will search these community forums. If you haven’t found what you need, then scroll down to the bottom of that same page and click the blue button that says “Open a Help Desk Ticket.” Then you can attach the .csv file and we can take a look at it, and you can provide us with some more info about what is happening.

It is listed above and here again: Request Spreadsheet Import erroring out

I see now that a “bug” is different than a HelpDesk issue. Submitted.

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Issue 18010 was created.

Thank you! We are going to go ahead and take a look at that .csv file and see what is going on. Just from giving a quick once-over, it seems like some of the data on the spreadsheet is already on your TT, but not all of it. Is this from entering it in by hand or have we done a previous import with some of this data?

I did a scout import so it brought all over that the Scout office had
entered. Not sure if some of the parents were from a partial success?
Hope you can determine that from the error logs on your side.

Thank you,

Jonathan Bohlmann

Webelos Den Leader, Committee Chair, Advancement Coordinator - Pack 3511,
Russiaville, IN

Assistant Scout Master - Troop 519, Russiaville, IN
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Peshewa District, Sagamore Council

Hi, Love these features. I was asking some of our leaders about this but I guess they didn’t realize it was available. My question is, I’ve already added many users but some info was missing and I want to do a bulk update. How can I use this feature to, for example, update a list of existing users to a particular Level, or Section? Will trying to import them this way over-write the existing info? Maybe there should be a New user update and an existing User update.

Thanks for the great tool!

Hi @ReesBushman!

Blank entries will be ignored and will not change anything. :tada:

If your goal is just to update existing users, make sure to list the required columns correctly (Last name, First name, Youth or adult, and Household), and then include the attributes that you would like to update. For example, if a Cub Scout pack wanted to update just the level for John Smith, just the patrol for Bob Greybeard, and both level and patrol for Sam Gamgee, you would do something like this:

| Last name | First name | Youth or adult | Household | Level   | Patrol    |
| Smith     | John       | youth          | Smith     | Wolf    |           |
| Greybeard | Bob        | youth          | Greybeard |         | Bear Pack |
| Gamgee    | Sam        | youth          | Gamgee    | Webelos | W Pack    |


If you are only looking to change the patrols/levels of users, it’s probably easier to use the “Promote” and “Edit” buttons. The “Promote” button will let you move a bunch of users from one patrol to another (and update their levels to the new patrol’s level). The “Edit” button will let you update the level of a patrol and all the people in it. Also, both of these methods will initiate the appropriate level’s achievements (Bear badge, Wolf adventures, etc.), while the importer will not.