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I know that the Explorer platform is in beta but I have a question regarding the equipment module. For Law Enforcement Explorers, we issue them uniforms and related gear (Class A, B, C uniforms, jackets, hats, etc) that we would like to track per explorer. Is this something we could work with you guys on? Maybe a bulk import tool/option to pull in our existing inventory and then moving forward we could track issued items by explorer.


Hi @1887,

Please check out our equipment feature, Manage > Equipment. You will have the ability to check in and out equipment by user.

We have recently completed an importer for equipment. Please check out the post below for more information on it:

Thanks for the prompt response Matt! We are really excited about the potential of TroopTrack and look forward to developing a partnership with you and the team. We have several surrounding posts waiting in the wings to see how our “beta” comes along and if there is any development geared towards Exploring.

In regards to the Quartermaster corner, when we try to add equipment, it lets you track items by “Patrol” or in our case “Squads” but not by individual. We want to track equipment assigned to the individual such as uniform pants, shirts, etc.

Last Name First Name ID # Item Name Size Item # Description Cost Issued Condition Issued Date Returned Condition Returned Date
Richardson Robert 1887 Class C Polo Medium Polo-0017 5.11 Tactical Polo, Green, Embroidered, Advisor $33.50 New 4/1/2007 N/A N/A

We want to be able to run an inventory report by explorer to verify issued equipment and would also want to be able to report by item number so that we could determine our investment should the post decide we want to change brands, etc.

This is a fairly similar scenario for the posts around us here in Florida as well as others we have communicated with in competitions across the US.

Let me know what you think.

I added these enhancements to the list.

  1. The change in how equipment is handled (by individual).

  2. A special report for it.

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