Managing Equipment

What You Can Do

TroopTrack let's you create a quartermaster's corner where you can keep track of all the equipment in your troop or pack. You can keep track of the condition of your equipment items, who has them, and what patrol or den is responsible for them. You can also control who can edit equipment information using the manage equipment privilege. Many troops like to give this privilege to scouts.

How to Get There

Like most things, you can get to the quartermaster's corner using the Manage Badge menu. 

Managing Equipment

The Quartermaster's Corner looks like this. Some features will only be visible to user's with the manage equipment privilege.

Whether you are adding or editing an equipment item, the form will be the same, as shown below:

Patrol/Den: If a den or patrol is responsible for this piece of equipment, choose them here

Name: Give the item a name, like "Tent #1". If you have marked the equipment in some way, use that mark here.

Description: Provide any additional information that might be needed to help someone decide if the equipment will meet their needs.

Condition: It's a good idea to keep track of the condition of the item and update it whenever the item is checked out or returned.

Location: Some units have multiple locations for their equipment, like a scout closet, scout shed, and scout trailer. Use this field to keep track of where your stuff is kept.

Photo: A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a picture and upload it with this form. Picture size must be less than 1 MB.

It would be great to modify some of the drop down menus here to accomodate consumables such as napkins, cutlery or other supplies a troop may need to store and keep track of. So, maybe an check box for reusable/durable vs, consumable and then somewhere else to indicate quantity used and/or remaining.


I know that the Explorer platform is in beta but I have a question regarding the equipment module. For Law Enforcement Explorers, we issue them uniforms and related gear (Class A, B, C uniforms, jackets, hats, etc) that we would like to track per explorer. Is this something we could work with you guys on? Concept would be, a bulk import tool to pull in our existing inventory and then moving forward we could track issued items by explorer.