Request and validate imports instantly


It’s easier to request imports into TroopTrack! Start by going to Support > Spreadsheet Import/Export. This is a new, somewhat experimental, feature. If it proves useful we plan to expand on it.

Use It

First, upload your spreadsheet and specify the type of import. When you submit the request, your spreadsheet will be instantly validated. If there are any errors, the page will reload with messages of what the errors were so that you can fix your spreadsheet. If there are no errors, a new helpdesk ticket will be created with your attachement and the type of import so that we can import the file for you.

Your spreadsheet has to be in .csv format (comma-separated values).

The types of imports available are:

Future Plans

If this feature works as well as we hope, then in the future the import will happen instantly, so you’ll be able to perform your own imports any time you wish!

Import Your Merit Badges Instantly
Import Your Ranks Instantly
Import Your Training Instantly
Traillife spreadsheet
Easier Transition from huge Excel spreadsheet to Troop Track
TroopMaster Imports

What I really want to be able to import is boy scout merit badge completion reports from camps, events, etc.


You’ll probably be able to do that next week. I just finished building importers for Merit Badges and Ranks today. :slight_smile:


We’ve got a Merit Badge importer now! I’ve linked to it in the list of importers above.