Leader den view

https://photos.app.goo.gl/t5S23WrWxAtcg57W7 That is a link to the screen shot I took off my dashboard. I can see the progress of my own children, but as a leader it would be really nice to see my whole den in that same matter. I have wasted so much time trying to one by one going through and looking at each one of my Lions and then each achievement to make sure my records have been saved. If there is a way to see this already, will you please tell me how?
Thank you,
Sarah Derheimer

There are two different places you can get this kind of data. The most complete way I found was from the Manage Dens page, select Progress Report. It will default to Fourth Yellow Bead, select Change Award, Lion Adventure, All Lion Adventures. You will get a percentage for Lion Badge and checks for each of the individual Adventures completed. You can also use Achieve, Badge Book, select your Den, Award Type, Lion Adventure, or an individual adventure or the Lion Badge. If you leave it at all you will get percentage for each Adventure for each member.