Den Progress Tracking Report and Missed Achievements Report

I am looking for an easy way to see on a single page the progress of all the boys in a particular den. The den progress report is very close to providing that information. However, I need to drill down into each requirement in order to get more details on which requirements are missing or are completed. Ideally, each level of the report would give some details into which of the underlying requirements in an adventure have been completed instead of having a check mark or nothing at all.

Also, I haven’t been able to find a way to track achievements that have been missed due to missing attendance of a meeting or event. We complete requirements as a group during our den meetings. If a boy misses a particular meeting I don’t have a report that shows a requirement was covered during a meeting but the boy missed that meeting and needs to make up the requirement. Currently I keep a separate list of meetings and which requirements were completed during each. I then need to look through all the completed achievements for the boys to identify those that need to make up the activity.

Thank You.


Hi @aurentz,

Once we get the Incomplete Achievements feature working again, this may solve the first part of this questions.

If you make a note on your meeting which achievements/badge you work on and then record attendance, looking at who did not attend will help you identify who needs to complete those achievements.

Do you have an ETA on the Incomplete Achievements overhaul completion? Just curious…


Yes, totally agree about this.

YOU HAVE THIS NOW - but only one scout at a time. Any parent looking at their dashboard can click on “Details” and see all of the individual requirements.

That’s what Leaders need, but with the ability to run it for (in the Cub Scouts case) “All scouts in a Den”. You have the information, it just needs to be formatted. Please put a page break in by Scout, then I can print it and burst it out to the parents, one page at a time.