Link to download the Calendar .ics file is missing

I noticed that the old link to add our troop calendar to computer, phone and iPad calendars has broken and there is no way to add a new one. Could you add that back?

Thank you–
Pat Fauquet

Are you wanting to download a static copy of the calendar to import into one of those devices or a Calendar subscription link so it can be updated automatically? The link that is at the bottom of the calendar as well as in Settings, Calendar Integration is for subscriptions it does not end in .ics but is usable as a subscription link for all of the devices you mentioned.

Here is a screenshot of my calendar, focusing on the bottom. Am I missing it?

As far as the settings menu, I am not clear where to look:

Pat Fauquet

Thats strange mine shows this at the bottom of the calendar:
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.03.33 PM

It would be Edit Troop Settings, then there is a tab across the top for Calendar Integration:
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.04.51 PM

Hello Aaron,

I did finally find it in the Edit Troop Settings. Since I have all privileges, my view is probably different from the normal user. Do they have a link to Edit Troop Settings? I do most of the troop’s training, so I need to be able to be sure how to find things to teach them.

I am a Mac user and I only use Safari. I wonder if you have some Chrome specific code that is changing what I am seeing. As an Apple Consultant, I encourage Mac users to avoid Chrome and Firefox since they can be such memory hogs on Apple products.

Pat Fauquet

Typical users do not have access to Edit Troop Settings. I too am a Mac user and exclusively use Safari so not a browser specific issue. Perhaps there is some kind of issue specific to your unit or some other setting I am unaware of to show the subscription link on the Calendar page, that was added relatively recently based on Community feedback for end users not having access to Settings. I would suggest at this point you contact TT support directly to see if there is something specific they can look at.

Hi @patfauquet,

I see you went and generated the link for you calendar, so now anyone who can see the calendar in your Troop can copy and paste that link into their calendar. They don’t have to have the “edit Troop settings” privilege to view this link once you’ve generated it.


David Keener