Importing TT Calendar into Personal Calendar

I’m entering this as a question to make sure I’m correct before submitting as an idea.

It appears that the only way to allow users to subscribe to the TT calendar is to make it public. Is this correct?

Munsey Slack

My answer on this post should do what you need it to do:

Well I’ll be darned! My search skills must not be what they used to be. I looked everywhere for that and could only find the reference to using the “share Latest Content” process. Thank you!!


Well, I have to take that back. It appears that the calendar integration link is only available to Unit leaders and not to anyone else. How do we make this available to patrol/den leaders and parents as well?


You may copy the feed link and share it with anyone you’d like.

While I appreciate the work-around (and will forward the link to whomever requests it), I think it would be more efficient to make it accessible for anyone who wants to go get it themselves. Would it be possible to move it to the calendar page itself? Maybe create a “import calendar” icon next to the print icon?

Thanks for the assistance Matt!


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In addition, you need to go to webmaster tools tab and make sure the settings there are what you want. You should create a sub-domain then your calendar link can look like: webcal://

I then have this link as a permanent item on my troop newsletter/announcement…that way anyone will always have access to the link