Manage Locations

After I enter a new location on the Manage Locations screen, it shows up in the Location drop-down in the creating New Meeting Schedule as expected. However, it does not show up in the Location drop-down on the Plan an Event-New Event (one time event). It would be a nice convenience if the Managed Locations entries were available on the Plan an Event-New Event Location drop-down.

The New Meeting Schedule feature is AWESOME! Thanks.

Doug Cutter
Troop 305 Bellevue NE


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I second this! Or third it!

@dougcutter - I’m experiencing this same issue now!

TT Folks: Please allow the locations saved under Manage Locations to be used when creating one-time events from either Plan an event or directly from the Calendar OR allow a value of 1 to be entered in the “Repeat how many times*” block when using Manage Schedules.