Meeting Schedules


Our Meeting Schedules feature is the best way to create recurring events like monthly and weekly meetings, events, or anything your heart desires! And, best of all, it's super easy to use! :D

Just go to Plan>Meeting Schedules to get started! To create a new meeting schedule, click "New Meeting Schedule"

Then, fill in the boxes with the meeting information. You'll notice that it looks very similar to creating an event.

Press "Save & Continue" to... save and continue... But you're not quite done yet!

Your events haven't been created at this point, that's what this page is for:

On this page you will see all the events this schedule will create based on the settings you've specified. If there are any changes you want to make to specific events, you can now edit them. Don't worry, you can get back to this page later. When you're okay with everything here, press the blue "Save Events" button. This will go through and save each event individually. Depending on how many times you want the event to repeat, this can take a while

Scroll to the bottom and check to see if your last event has been saved. The editing box will go away and it will look something like this:

You should be all done at this point! We can now see the weekly meetings in our calendar

Meeting Schedules - Adding to them

Is there a way to add details for a specific meeting that has been set to recurring? For instance, sometimes at our weekly troop meetings we have special instructions for the boys, and/or events that we want to be able to communicate. But, it seems as though when you make a “change” to a meeting, it effects all meetings moving forward.


Anybody there? Looking for an answer to my question.

thank you!


Yaaayyy!! I figured it out :slight_smile:


How did you do that? I have not found the secret.


You click on Plan then calendar; once the calendar opens double click on the date you would like to edit. It will bring up that specific date only; versus doing an “edit” on the series.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


After updating a meeting schedule, it kicked out all the “descriptions” I had entered on the individual dates. Is there a way to get this back?