Manage->Sections - show age to one decimal point

I’d prefer to see the age shown after youth members names to one decimal point. At the moment you can’t tell if a Cub is 9 year/1 day old or 9 year/364 day old. That makes a difference to what badgework they might achieve, when they might move up to Scouts, leadership potential, group age distribution for new members, etc.

We’ve “hacked” around it by using the “suffix” field to include their month/year of birth - it’s not ideal because we have to work out in our heads how old they are but it’s a start.

So at the moment it says:
Fred Nurk (9)
I’d like it to say
Fred Nurk (9.2)

I know decimal age isn’t perfect but it should be a quick/easy change and the alternative would be more awkward to read (eg 9y 2m)

I’m sure I raised this in the old support system but it doesn’t seem to have migrated to the new one (at least based on the searches I’ve done)

Got it.

Here’s a reference number (I wanna start using these again): #2327