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I’m drawing a blank here. I want a list of 17-year-old Scouts, showing names and dates of birth… maybe sorted according to how soon they will turn 18. This is useful for our Life-to-Eagle coordinator and when planning numbers for budget and recharter. Is this possible? If not, please consider this a feature request.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Breeze (church management database) lately and it makes it super easy to find a segment of the congregation based on search or tags and do something with them.

Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to do this, at least not that I’m aware of. The easiest workaround is to create a custom users report. Go to Quick Nav > Reports > Create Users Report. Then select the checkboxes for full name, age, born on, and scout. Once the report appears, it will show you a report with all adults and scouts. There is not a way to filter one group or the other out right now. Click on the header above the scout column twice so that it shows all the scouts at the top. Then, hold down the shift key and click on the born on column while still holding the shift key down. This will sort them first by who is a scout and then by age. Then you can copy the rows you want into something like Word or Excel and print off only those you need.

If you would like this to be a feature request, I believe you can switch the category to “Ideas” and then if it picks up enough steam among the other users, we can take a look at it. If it won’t allow you to change the category, I can.

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